A step into an untamed reality.

Before starting the BCM course at the beginning of the year, I was inherently neutral with the concept of how news is projected to us as an audience, who controls what we see/don’t see and basically just assumed what was put in front of me or what I heard was accurate. In studying International Media and Communication, the amount of times I have been shocked in the reality of what (global) media stands for is ceaseless.With each weekly topic, I have gained insight into the world of media in a way I believed ceased to exist. Though some topics didn’t particularly spark my enthusiasm or interest, it did become difficult not to subsequently ponder whether what I personally believed in. Was my beliefs a construct of my own judgments or has the media has subconsciously injected me with what they want society to believe? 

Prior to this year, I was at boarding school. This school only received ABC and SBS channels and was isolated on a 700 acre property. Therefore, my ability to gain access to the news was limited. In only coming home for school holidays and spending the majority of my time working and studying, the news I was receiving was still limited to The Project, or Sunrise. Taking this into consideration, it is no surprised I was utterly overwhelmed when I began the BCM course. I slowly began to highlight and develop my own opinions, and the two lecturers I have had have strongly assisted me with this. I have never placed any importance on what happens in the media, but now I understand that these effects surround me in day to day life. 

At the beginning of the semester, I was unsure about whether I should drop this subject or not, as I looked through the subject outline and some of the topics seemed dull and generic. However, the presentations that have been created to show in each tutorial has completely rejected my preconception. With the humorous clips and the fact that most groups incorporate the audience, I have enjoyed learning the content of this subject not only through the lecturer/tutor, but through my fellow class mates that have interesting insight and knowledge into what I previously was not remotely interested in.  


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