We’ve all seen it, right? Those sudden surges of weird little trends  that comb their way through social media platforms. Whether it’s a significant  event that’s taking place somewhere in the world or something as daft as the “nek nomination” craze that swept everyone’s Facebook newsfeed for a week or two, social media phases are always in motion.

Then, at the beginning of year on Facebook  began appearing screenshots of highscores of a game called “flappy bird”. For a few days I ignored it, thinking the game was probably boring anyway. Around that time I saw a friend had downloaded so I decided to give it a go. In just a few short minutes my temperament had gone from just casual to really quite erratic! It was then that I decided to download it for my self and to my dismay saw that the game had been deleted off the app store. In replacement of “flappy bird” there was an array of spin-off games. My favourites are crappy bird, flappy Schapelle and flappy Miley. 

The creator of Flappy Bird, Dong Nguyen decided to pull the plug on the incredibly successful app that was giving him an estimated $50,000 daily because of the guilt that overwhelmed him. Potential developments for this app, as previously mentioned, are already in play. App creators will continue to apply the Flappy bird structure to new games that will hope to entice audiences (perhaps those aged young teens- single people in their 20’s)







One thought on “Flappymania

  1. I was the same, didn’t check it out right away, then once I did, the phase went really quick. There are also silly short phases, and they are only short because our generation have a short-attention span. Another silly one was “Hot Dogs or Legs?” which was funny, but did have it’s phase out, like all spontaneous ideas.

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