Much flap, So bird, Very addict

Major changes and trends in technological and cultural convergence are evident in the design production and use of the late popular app ‘Flappy Bird’. To begin with, concentration of power was apparently so extreme in the hands of the creator that it was alleged he made a choice to delete the game. According to The Cultural Logic of Media Convergence by Henry Jenkins, media technologies have lowered production and distribution costs, expanded the range of available delivery channels and enabled consumers to archive, annotate, appropriate and recirculate media content in powerful new days. In contradiction, there has also been alarming concentration of the ownership of commercial media. In this sense, Flappy Bird has been applied both of these notions as it has been vastly appropriated and recirculated in the media but it was owned by one man.

With the easy accessibility of having the app available at the touch of a button on your smart phone, the consolidation of the platform is one of the main reasons the success of the app was so high. However, it came to my attention when I first started investigating Flappy Bird through the internet that there have been many games available on PC’s almost identical to Flappy Bird. This made me wonder, will this see a trend of enticing lovers of mobile games that have been deleted and entice them to a more traditional yet still very technological platform of Google?


In considering the migratory habits of Flappy Bird, there is no doubt that when the original app became popular that was one of the only Flappy Bird games that were highly downloaded. Since it has been deleted, there have been an abundance of Flappy Bird-like apps to choose from. The pattern is: you download one, get sick of it, then download another one.





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