Take a second to think about to Matrix Franchise. Significant portions of information are conveyed through three action films, a series of animated shorts, two collections of comic book stories and a number of video games. In essence, there is no single source that can be viewed/read that one can turn to in order to gain all the information needed to comprehend the Matrix universe. Transmedia storytelling is predominately a process. Each medium makes its own unique contribution to unfolding the story. Such as the Matrix, a transmedia text does not purely disperse information but deems to provide a set of roles and goals which the audience can assume as they enact aspects of the story through everyday life. Another specific example of transmedia narrative is the avengers. In this includes ironman, the hulk, captain America, Thor and others that all incorporate combined characters and are strongly linked. The latest Captain America movie, the Winter soldier can be seen by someone who has not seen any other Avenger movie and still be made sense of but to someone who has seen all of them will grasp a stronger understanding of the background of characters and overall meaning of the text and events. As what may be viewed as gaps or excesses in the unfolding of the story, potential plots that may not be fully explained or details that hint at more that can be revealed is a strong incentive for the audience to continue to concentrate on these story elements. They are also then able to work them over through their speculations until take on a life of their own. This element of a transmedia narrative can also be linked to the idea of creating different points of entry for different audience segments. This strategy may also hold the ability to enable a viewer who is comfortable in a particular medium to experiment with alternative media platforms.


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