Media, audience and place

Hi all, my name is Ashleigh and I’m in my second year of a BA/BCM double degree. As to what only feels like yesterday, I distinctly remember the emotions behind my first blogging experience. It started off as a very confusing and daunting task that I had no knowledge whatsoever about. However as the weeks progressed I grew somewhat fond to the idea of creating an identity of myself online that was not as forged as Facebook or Instagram.
During the holidays I had to pick my Spring subjects, I’m sure as did everyone else. My brother, a fourth year exercise science student looked over my shoulder and said “what kind of subject is called media audience and place?” I want to stress the fact this was not said out of curiosity.
During the first lecture, I was so intrigued into everything that this subject observed. A few nights later I was sitting at my desk thinking of a media space image that’s relevant to me, when I realised it was right in front of me. I sit at my desk every single day. Whether I ill be on my notebook, laptop, ipad, smartphone or Ipod, there is always something there that will guarantee to entertain me. These devices, as superficial as it sounds, are pretty much a part of me. I am definitely attached to my media space. Even though I have no issue of people being able to view my screen/s in my room, the first lecture made me realise that what I am attempting to hide from everyone in public is quite hypocritical. Most of the time all I’m doing is sending snapchats, posting to Instagram or Facebook etc, simultaneously allowing many people to view on their screens what I am trying to stop them seeing on my screen (if that makes any sense).

I am captivated by this subject and can’t wait for the remainder of the semester!


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