Home entertainment: The threat

With the introduction of 3D televisions, ultra high definition, wireless surround-sound speaker setups, blu-ray players and home consol systems, there is definitely some sort of risk present for the future of movie theatre attendance.


Over the past year or two, with the help of my external hard drive, my need to go to the movies has decreased substantially. A few weeks ago, on a Sunday night, my friend sent me a message asking me to go to Warrawong and see a movie with her. At this point of the night, I had taken off my makeup, put my hair in a messy bun, chucked on a hoodie and trackies and settled in for the night with a cup of tea. Even though she explained the plot, and it actually sounded like quite a decent film, all I was thinking was “I can’t be bothered to make myself look publically acceptable”, so I politely declined. Instead, I plugged my hard drive into the TV and watched a movie I’d seen 100 times, but it was convenient, so I watched it anyway.

These days, everything is trying to pull us away from the outside world and deeper into our sofas. As much as I support trekking outside your comfort zone and doing activities with friends, I am definitely guilty of preferring a quiet night at home sometimes. Whenever I do go to the movies, I notice there are many young teens and elderly. I do not believe this to be a coincidence. It is our generation, the generation that have the technical ability to download movies in good quality that are at home rather than the movie theatre.

I do believe that the future of movie theatre attendance will not decrease dramatically, as there are certain types of movies that will flourish in a communal setting. For example, a comedy by yourself at home will not be as funny as seeing it with hundreds of other people. There is definitely a social stigma that technology is turning us into antisocial hermits. Though this may be partly true as sometimes every one of us need to spend time away from the outside world, it is not fully replacing peoples social lives. In the end, every one of us has the urge to meet up with other people who are close to us, and do things together. This does include going to the cinema, where even though you are actively watching the movie, it is a communal experience and therefore you talk before, sometimes during, and afterwards.




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