The juggling act

To this day scientists are still analysing the impacts that the act of multitasking has on our brains, our mental health and our productivity. Upon completion of a bit of research on multi-tasking, I find it interesting to note that many short term impacts of multi-tasking were listed such as increase in short-term memory loss and difficulty concentrating. However, long-term impacts have only been ever so slightly grazed upon for the simple fact that multi-tasking is a relatively new phenomenon.

When someone is multi-tasking, they usually don’t realise they are doing it. Unless you are a middle aged woman with a full time job and three children, in which case multi-tasking seems to be something to brag about. There’s also the ongoing debate how women think they are better at multi-tasking than men are. Ultimately, the most common justification for this assertion is not any credible research but the simple explanation that women are more accustomed to performing multiple tasks in and around the home such as cooking, cleaning, shopping, taking care of children and planning for the family. What self-respecting researcher would use this as an determining factor? It seems more likely to be feminist propaganda to make another ‘women are superior’ claim.imagesmt

I believe research into multi-tasking is important as it may improve the general understanding of how the brain and the human consciousness works. There would be several people/organisations/businesses invested in these results. The first thing that springs to mind would be the health care system in a sense that brain damaged patients could be assessed and diagnosed in accordance in their multi-tasking abilities as well as aid rehabilitation.


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