A short intro

Hi guys,

I’m Ashleigh and I am in third year of a double degree studying a bachelor of communication/media and politics. I’m 20 years old and I come from a small country town. So as you can imagine, Wollongong was a pretty major culture shock. Not only Wollongong though, but my subjects and courses not only put man things into perspective for me, but gave me new perspectives on current and ongoing issues that I never even knew existed. I am so intrigued by the mediasphere.

When picking my Spring semester subjects, this was first to grab my attention. In my 2.5 years at university I have never taken a subject that was purely focused on a specific region, let alone just the digital media in an area.┬áMy knowledge of Asian media is somewhat scarce, but I am super excited to learn about “digital Asia”.

Can’t wait to go on this DIGC330 journey with you all.