Why society thinks fat women and marriage don’t mix

Lindy West, a recently married woman has written an article for The Guardian based upon the fact that on her wedding day, she was the most overweight she had ever been. This reverts to the unpopular opinion about how fat woman should simultaneously be free of patriarchal standards as well as be able to participate in them, alluding to the point that woman should not be labelled by her weight as well as her personal choices on the day that she has chosen to celebrate her love for another person. In the case of this article, I am going to partly focus on the comments written on the bottom of the webpage, which range from strongly positive to crudely negative.

“This is the 21st century- fat women are allowed to get married”

“Unbelievable! I wonder if the guardian online would publish a piece promoting anorexia”

“You look great. Good article. Luck and love to you and your husband”

“I can’t help but think the author is projecting her own insecurities and fears. I mean, for an article claiming ones weight/size doesn’t matter, she certainly turns it into an issue”

“Being fat is unhealthy and dangerous”

“How desperately insecure must these women be? If you want to be fat then be fat but don’t pretend you’ve achieved something”

Yes, most of the few dozen comments were negative. It doesn’t really need to be said that many of the comments were completely inappropriate and arrogant. Being overweight certainly should not be condoned, but it definitely should not be belittled. In saying that, it is not the point of the article whatsoever. The point is that fat-shaming is still everywhere and still so acceptable to many. This woman has been told that she is less-than her whole life. If she does not need external validation from a patriarchal society she certainly does not need validation from a bunch of anonymous web users. There are many things that West says that I agree with. The foremost being that it is now a very common thought that the best weddings are the ones that are most expensive. This is a form of capitalist brainwashing that shouldn’t exist to 99% of brides to be. Couples should generate a wedding that directly reflects their values, values that will then stay with them throughout the duration of their future. The one sentence that does not sit right with me is the very end of the article where West states “this is yours, fat girls. Eat it up”. This is not helping the trolls, it is merely feeding them.

Reference List

West, L 2015, ‘My Wedding Was Perfect- and I Was Fat as Hell the Whole Time’, The Guardian, 22 July, viewed 27/08/2015 <http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2015/jul/21/my-wedding-perfect-fat-woman>


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